Putting the T in South London
We are South London based social support group with regular social gathering each month in the Croydon and Sutton areas, full list please visit our events, to share our experiences, problems and triumphs. These meetings provide a safe place for trans-gendered MTF and FTM, cross dressers, transsexuals, intersex, gender fluid, anyone with gender issues or who is affected by them, however you choose to identify. We operate a safe place for trans people.
If you are a admirer or straight guy looking to meet Trans people or for company please DO NOT contact use as we operate a safe place for trans people and you will be turned away.
We now aim to serve trans people across all of South London, through our regular meetings which are held on the 2 Saturday of each month, occasional. We aim to have events each month, whether it is attending a Pride event, sharing a meal together or something a little more adventurous.
To find out more about our friendly and supportive community or get details of our next meeting please email or phone one of our team please go to our contact page.